Our Mission and Our Mandate: To Love Naturally

Embrace Yourself and Empower Others

Born of a brother-sister team, Love Naturally inspires you to experience radical love. From deep self-love and acceptance to a generous confetti-shower of love to those in your life- Love Naturally supports the authentically natural you and your desire to be a shining light wherever you are. 

 Founder Elbonie Idowu and her brother, co-founder, Elton Metcalfe, collaborated to launch the Love Naturally brand to radiate the message of love to those they met in their day-to-day life. 

Love in Life and Death

In 2013, Elton suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, and Love Naturally became much more than a brand, but a tribute to a man who lived Love Naturally’s mission.

My brother lived his life in a way that was unapologetic for who he was. He helped others see that there is power in loving people for who they are and not judging them for their hang-ups, but to be there for them in this journey called life,” - Elbonie Idowu

Elton Metcalfe’s legacy of acceptance and love live on through every statement tee and artisan accessory.

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Love Naturally offers a message that serves as a purposeful reminder of the love we carry with us every day so that we can spread and give love--naturally.